How To Start A Successful Business


How do I start a business? This is a question that I have asked myself so many times. Do I need a company name? Do I need to gather investors first? How much knowledge do I need? Should I gather some prospective customers first? These are just some of the business questions that can plague you when trying to start a business.

Recently I was sitting down with a friend who once had an idea for a business. She had spoken about her idea in detail and it sounded like she had a good concept going on. Let us call this friend Tomi. So Tomi asked me if I wanted to join in on her business and I considered all the things I had to do and decided on a personal front that this would not be a good time for me to collaborate on a business venture. 

Fast forward a few years and Tomi's business is operating internationally, with a growing customer base that we could have only imagined a few years ago.

I congratulated Tomi on her progress and remembered the ways in which she had started. Her journey teaches us so much.

1. She started immediately. She did not wait to have everything in place, she literally just started.

2. The business was a learning experience for her. She used the first few months to discover what her clients needed and wanted and then began the process of molding her business to suit their needs.

3. She engaged the help of a partner who was versed in the other jurisdictions she would be operating in. By accepting that operating an international business would require more expertise than she possessed, she utilized the help of a partner who was able to fill those gaps.

4. Like so many successful entrepreneurs today, her business started out of her home. She has since then moved to her own facility and is looking to expand into a bigger facility.

5. One factor that amazed me about Tomi was how hardworking she was. She had a fantastic degree which she had 'abandoned' to pursue her business, and yet she did all the errands, she travelled out of her home state on long journeys just to satisfy her clients, she answered phones, delivered goods, visited clients personally, and so much more. Now she has more people to help her do those things. 

I think that the greatest lesson here is to start. Even if you fail, you can learn from your mistakes and start again. After all, there are so many great business ideas out there, but ideas without action are just that - ideas.

What steps have you taken to bring your business ideas to life? We would love to know.


The NinesandProsper Team

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