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Photo Credit: Stella of Jadore-Fashion

What does smart casual mean?

There are some terms that despite their ubiquitous usage, defy a consensus as to what in the world they mean.

I remember once attending a weekend meeting with three powerhouses in their own right. We were all told to dress 'smart casual' and for the life of me, I could not decide on what to wear.

What could I wear that I personally would feel comfortable in; that my colleagues would acknowledge as smart casual, and that the client and their representatives would not deem to be either too smart or too casual. 

So, instead of spending all the time I had rifling through my closet; I decided to play it safe by going full-smart (read as corporate).

Getting to the meeting, I discovered that everyone had a twist on the term. Some towed the safe line like I did; some went full casual and some wore their Sunday best.

When I saw this look by Stella of Jadore-Fashion, I was excited to share; as it is a look that spells smart casual to me. Check it out here.

In the end, the term implies dressing in an informal but business-appropriate manner. However, what is business appropriate varies from one business setting to another.

What are your thoughts?

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