BEAUTY REVIEW | The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser


Let's start with my expectations. When I purchase a moisturiser, what I expect to receive is:

1. a sizeable amount of product;
2. a product that delivers intense moisture; and
3. a product that does not leave my skin feeling or looking oily.

I really like this product. It has a lightweight formula that melts into your skin and somehow does not dry up in the process. I tend to use this moisturiser in the morning, after cleansing my skin and applying a toner and my Vitamin C serum which I got off Amazon. More importantly, I apply sunscreen after this whole process; and then...I start the process of putting on my makeup.

Honest opinion:

Do I like this product - Yes
Can I live without it - Yes
Will I purchase it again - Yes
Is it a 'wonder' product - No
Does it smell nice - Absolutely
Does it feel nice - Yes
Is it worth the price - Depends on the mood I'm in
Have I used up this product - Yes
Does it work on African skin - Yes

This product is for "Dull, Tired, Grumpy Skin".
Have you used this product? Let me know what you think.

Nines and Prosper

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