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6 Fabulous Reasons Why You Should Pack Your Own Lunch


I work in an environment where every other building caters some sort of mouth-watering food. The foods range from cheesy sandwiches, to Asian cuisine, pastries, cupcakes, ice cream and lets not forget mouth watering pizza. There are cafes that serve over-sweetened and over-priced beverages that can only be enjoyed with buttery croissants and an extra dollop of whipped cream. Lets not forget the endless onslaught of health food vendors who manage to slap you with an endless list of mother nature endorsed goodies, from beetroot juices, to flour-less muffins and fruit-packed parfaits. I could go on and on for days. I can attest to having tried each one of these foods at least twice.

Seriously why would you want to give up these options and bring your own food to work? Here are six reasons why: 

Eat Whatever You Like.
When you make your own meals you have the discretion to make whatever you like. You can determine the saltiness, sweetness and crunchiness of your meals. 

Eat Healthy.
I find that I am more likely to prepare a sandwich for lunch than a double-decker cheese burger with a side of french fries and a milk shake. Preparing your own meals helps you plan your meals ahead and also make healthier choices. You are also less likely to eat that slice of pizza your colleague offers you when you have a packed lunch.

Save Money.
Personally, this goes without saying. The weeks I do not prepare my meals ahead of time are the weeks that I spend the most on food. Eat out less. Spend less.

Use up leftovers.
I find that I waste less food when I make my own meals. I take left over pasta to work. Sometimes I use left over chicken in a sandwich, the options are endless.

Save Time.
By save time. I mean lunchtime. I spend so much time deciding on what to buy for lunch - I am certain someone has developed an app to solve this problem. There are days when I go out to lunch and get lost in traffic trying to get to a favorite lunch spot. How many of you order lunch and for the hour your lunch takes to arrive, you are half focused on why your meal is taking so long and only a quarter focused on your immediate task. No such worries when your lunch is sitting in the fridge, waiting for you.

These are just a few reasons. Would you pack your own lunch? Why? We love to read from you.


The NinesandProsper Team

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