How To Master Any Skill


"I'm still a student of tennis. Everytime I'm out there, I try to learn something new."
-Serena Williams

There's a man I admire a lot and one day I asked a very important question. How does he do it? In my mind I imagined that he was born that way. He came out of the womb knowledgeable and equipped with business acumen. It was a surprise to find out that the man in question reads every single day of the week for at least an hour. He gathers information on his field and reads broadly to widen his knowledge.

Quite like me, a lot of people see the end result and imagine all that a successful person is, was magically thrust upon them. This reminds me of the funny phrase 'overnight success'. It presumes that the day before, a person was ordinary just like the rest of the world, and the next day they were this successful person. 

This undoubtedly creates a false sense of security. It disregards all the work that goes into creating successful people, successful businesses. The truth remains that success requires work and there is no surer way to master any skill or to achieve success than putting in the work. Learning what it takes on a daily basis to be the best that you can be and putting the work in to achieve your goals.


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