"The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated...By acting...confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown".

Everyone wants to move on to some higher level at some point. The truth is you have to change, to change. They say its insanity to do something the same way, expecting different results. If you want to go from employee to boss. These are five steps to help you on your way:

Be Confident
Some people who are timid or shy may find this hard to do, but confidence is a necessary characteristic you must possess to elevate yourself. If you are not already confident, then fake it. People are generally more attracted to confident people and want to do more for them.

Make Plans But More Importantly Act 
A lot of the time we learn so many lessons. We know these things but we do not act on our knowledge. Knowledge without action produces no movement. To be the boss, we need to learn what we need to know, gain the knowledge and act accordingly.

Demand The Very Best
People who demand the best from life (as well as from those around them and their circumstances) often get it. Sheryl Sandberg alludes to the fact that men are better at demanding more, despite their qualifications. It's better to shoot for the moon and land among the stars, than shoot for a lamppost and land in the gutter. If you think that you deserve something, go for it, soon the rest of the world will catch up. 

Sell Yourself
Self promotion might be viewed as tacky some, but really if you are not discussing your abilities and no one else is, how is anyone supposed to know what you can do. When in the class of life, it will do you some good to raise up your hand.

Keep Learning
The reason why we sometimes fail to advance is because we fail to keep learning. The best of the best are constantly searching for newer and better ways to do things. It is through learning that our skills are amplified, new abilities surface and confidence is built.


The Nines and Prosper Team

Photo Credit | @sherylsandberg

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  1. If i do not have confidence, fake it. Hahahaa.Thank you so much. My thinking cap is back on!!!


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