What Holds Women Back?



The question of what holds women back attracts a long list of responses. A response could be that a woman's social background holds her back. It could be a series of family commitments, not least of which is a bevy of children, each seeking individual and collective attention. A woman could be held back by her boss at work or her lack of formal education. There are a myriad of reasons, which women give for not achieving their full potential.

Perspective however is very important in solving the problem of a person's capacity to bloom fully. In the midst of all these limiting factors, is a central theme. This theme is a single person, who is affected by a series on circumstances which ultimately lead to failure - failure to try, failure to do more, failure to be more.

To advance in life, we must realise that we are largely in control of our responses to the situations we are faced with. The manner in which we choose to respond to life altering circumstances often has the capacity to dictate the course of our future. We must wake up to the realisation that although certain things are beyond our control, a lot of things remain within our control.

This power of choice is key to making daily decisions that pile up to determine the course of our lives. There are so many women today, who have achieve greatness despite adversity and sometimes have succeeded because of it. We are lucky that we live in a world with options. It is left to us to decide to make the choice to live fuller lives, to work harder, to be better and to achieve what we are capable of.

What do you believe holds women back today?


The Nines and Prosper Team

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