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Do we need to dress for success? Clothes are literally our outer shell. They wrap around our bodies and essentially speak on our behalf - whether we want them to or not. Some clothes shout: "Here I am notice me".
Others send out messages about our culture, some about our beliefs, some are personal expressions of how we feel inside, of who we are. Again, this sometimes not so subtle means of communication is relevant whether we want it to be or not. 

I have written several drafts on why it is important to always dress up yourself, and I think that deep down it is a personal reminder to always look my best for the world outside. A lot of people think that clothing is superficial, but I think it's important not to take for granted the truth, which is the fact that the way we dress affects not only how others perceive us but how we see ourselves.

There are studies which show that the way we dress can impact the way we feel about ourselves, and as a result can affect the way we act and more importantly can impact the way we perform at work.

I have had someone tell me that she got a call for an interview based on the way she had dressed to a particular conference. She got the job. And while her credentials got her the job, her appearance got her foot in the door.

There are so many anecdotes I could reel out to try to convince you to always dress your best, but I won't. Instead I'll tell you the advice I'm giving to myself right now.

"Dress like you are the star of your own life. Dress like you own it."

Maybe if I take this advice, when opportunity comes knocking, it won't find me hiding between the aisles of a supermarket wondering why I chose today of all days to dress derelict when I could dress like Hepburn. Or just me on a "good everything" day.

Saw this post on instagram and loved it.

The New York Times offers perspective on dressing for success in this article.

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