How To Improve Your Productivity


There is nothing as demoralising as going through a work day, only to find out that you have achieved nothing. You have a truckload of work on your desk despite the fact that you have been working all day and worst of all you find that you have not achieved anything important. But what have you spent your whole day on?

The key to staying focused on the tasks of the day, is first of all to learn what those tasks are. Once this is clear, there is a need to prioritise these tasks in order of importance. First of all determine which tasks can be delegated - take these off your list. Then determine what tasks can be left off for another day without any consequences. These can be reassigned to another day. Now it is time to really consider whether all the tasks left on your list are relevant to achieving your goals? Are they necessary for the project you are working on? Do the tasks help you advance your career? Are you under an obligation to perform a task? All these questions should help you determine whether your list contains just relevant activities. Once you have whittled down your list to the barest minimum, arrange each item in order of priority and focus on getting each item done before moving on to the next one.

Here's an easy way to remember these principles: L.E.A.D


And that is how to achieve a highly productive day.

The Nines and Prosper Team

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