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Hello, Lovelies.

I believe that intuition is the universe’s way of speaking truths into our lives, that we have no way of verifying unless we have courage and take that important leap of faith.

Over the years, I have grown to rely on the advice of people who arguably are well versed in solutions to whatever conundrum plagues me. In doing this, I have developed a crutch for dealing with problems.

I think to myself of whatever problem it is that I am faced with, and I immediately jump to the conclusion that ‘mother knows best’. Mother being anyone from my actual mother, to a colleague, or even a friend. Although, I am not against advisers and the many benefits that they have to offer, I am reminded of a person, who I need to trust more and listen to a lot more – myself. Sometimes, we have within ourselves the answers we search for around us. And in this tiny lesson, I have grown in courage, I am more self-reliant and I can say that this is a step in the direction towards truly owning my life, to truly being present in this gift that is the time we spend on earth.

Have a great day!


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