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I have recently found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands. The urge to lounge in front of the television in my most comfortable PJs has plagued me incessantly; but rather than succumbing, I have seized the opportunity to start a project
which has been in the works for longer than I care to admit - this blog.  

Coming to the stark realisation that most of my days are spent at work produced an Oprah-like ‘aha moment’ for me. It made me realise that along with my other priorities like God, Family and Health, being the very best I can be at what I do five days a week (and oftentimes more) is non-negotiable. 

I have found that in my quest for a more balanced and meaningful work life, I have stumbled upon so many resources for personal growth and contentment; I have also discovered that being a highly successful professional woman does not mean I cannot have other interests. I will be the first to admit to shamelessly browsing for juicy details on the Kardashians, while simultaneously researching for a work project. 

This blog is to be a haven for women like myself who value the importance of hard work but also strive to achieve that ever elusive work-life balance.

Please expect to find a rainbow of posts on work, lifestyle, fashion, travel; and inspiration from far and wide on how to be a success at work and life; but don’t expect that to be all.

I welcome you to Nines and Prosper.

Always feel free to share your thoughts and remember that sharing is caring.

Working Women Rule!

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